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Robert wrote: 12/30/09 8:48 PM
Have you completed experiments 1 and 2?
It looks like the 3rd one which requires a large room to be built a mile down in a salt mine, is the most difficult.
How big does the cube room have to be?
What is the minimum size the cube room has to be? What is the Maximum?
What materials do the 6 sides of the cube room need to be made of? The natural soil and rock already there?
I assume it is mostly rock a mile down. This would require heavy equipment to make a room in the shape of a cube.

I have been in salt mines in Columbia and Poland. Maybe there is a salt mine somewhere in the world that at the bottom is a area that is close to your cube room size requirements. If it is a active salt mine, maybe there is heavy equipment already there. In this way, it would require less heavy equipment time to make the area into a cube shape.

I am a successful entrepreneur and this is my initial (i can easily be wrong) gut feeling :
1. Somewhere in the world is a salt mine with a area at the bottom close to the size of your min and max cube room size requirements

2. The first choice would be a active salt mine because that increases the chance that heavy equipment is there now or will be there in a year.

3. I assume this equipment cost millions of dollars and cost $100,000 to get it there so it would be easier to search the world for a salt mine that already has the equipment in the salt mine.

4. The initial parties to deal with- salt mine owner public or private and equipment owner. These parties always want something that does not have to be dollars. ( help improve the operation, production, sales, recognition, publicity, etc) This leads to your short term rental of a piece of unique Real Estate. Temporary use of a cube sized room in their property.

5. As a successful entrepreneur, I know you first need a simple outline and then you solve the 1,000 more details required to get your venture to completion. These can be handled one by one as they come along.

6. It is my opinion to get the money for the materials of each side of the cube room will be easier than handling number 4.

Based on your answers, I can come up with a better outline of what it will take to get closer to the salt mine cube room experiment.

Hello Robert,

Thank you for your curiosity, inquiries, offer to help and making first contact. To my knowledge, and to this date, there have been no published results on any of the three experiments. Outside of a casual experiment performed by curious students on in a science class in northern California, which reported a positive result on experiment one.

The costs of the "Right Angle Intersecting Laser" and "Glass Cube" experiments combined are far less expensive project than the salt mine experiment. I believe the salt mine experiment should only be performed after the first two experiments have been performed, quantified and verified. Only then we can justify the cost of the "Photon / Graviton" experiment.

There are a couple of salt mine neutrino detectors. One is in a 2000-foot-deep Morton Salt mine near Cleveland, Ohio that measures approximately 80’ x 70’ x 70’ (a false ceiling can be created to make a cube). The other is in Japan with a size of 2 × 2 × 2 km, afar more expensive project because of it’s size. Both must be retro-fitted with "Full Spectrum Photon Emitters" replacing the existing detectors, which must be replaced after our experiments are over. The objective of this experiment is to quantify the extra gravity so the existing pool of highly purified water will be replaced by a vacuum.

I can answer your questions on price once I know all the elements. In this case all the elements aren’t yet visible. So the best I can do is give a "Guesstimate".

Experiment 1: from $5,000 to $30,000 - covers insurance, technicians, as well as lease and use of the equipment of an exiting laser laboratory. Objective: create a "Photon Interference Event" by aiming the light of red pulse lasers at 90° to each other. Prediction: a PI Event will draw or attract matter towards the intersection no matter what direction. If lasers are intersected to the left of matter, a tiny dense sphere will be attracted to the intersecting streams of lasers.

Experiment 2: from $40,000 to $300,000 - covers insurance, technicians, production of glass cubes as well as lease and use of the equipment of an exiting laser laboratory.
Objective: Intersect the light emanating from a pair of blue pulse lasers at 90°. Aimed through two faces of a perfect solid glass cube, preferably into the exact center of the cube.
Prediction: The resulting GE Pulse will attract matter into Time/Space leaving a spherical vacuum where the lasers had intersected. The sphere will be just a little larger than vacuumed material because the DE field will exert a minute pressure or push effect against the glass, leaving a compressed state in the surrounding glass. We will also find the trailing residue of the charged Em/Plasma Trail left in the wake of the exiting photons. There will be no residue found in the paths leading up to the PI Event. The longer the test continues the more pronounced the trail.

Experiment 3: from $1,000,000 to $6,000,000 - covers insurance, technicians, crews, as well as lease and use of the equipment of an exiting salt mine laboratory. Objective: Turn all light sources in the off position and take a gravitational reading with a very sensitive gravimeter in a vacuum. Then flood the vacuum with light. Place the instrument near any wall and it will show a small but measurable increase in magnitude. Then compare the wall reading to that of the exact center of the room. Prediction: The reading will show a dramatic increase in the gravitational field approaching the center.

Again, I thank you for your interest. I would be happy to answer your future questions.
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rahmaan wrote: 11/12/09 12:30 AM
well i believe that the warp field is created by the fuel we use well in my fave season of star trek which is star trek enterprise because the tech they have on there we have today.in there warp core instead of dilithium crystals they used lithium rods,and in the heat and pressure of the core the deuterium undergoes fusion with the lithium particles and becomes plasma radiated with gamma rays and then gets charged by the electro-magnetic speed up zones.and the warp coils make the electro-magnetic warp field.

I would really like to take a peek at those specs.
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Mark wrote: 9/26/08 6:22 AM
can you send me some information on warpdrive technology and when this technology will be avalible

At this point in time, no one who can answer that question. However, I will venture to say that if the theory, "When Photons Collide" is correct, then it's possible to have a working prototype within 20 years. And begin our stellar journeys within 30 years.

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Kumaran wrote: 9/11/09 12:56 AM
How is everything. I hope you are making progress with your research. I found some info that matches somewhat with your theory.

Check out this site. I loved this article on hyperspace. Website is unexplainable.net . I especially loved this quote

THE dimensions of hyperspace are the coordinate parameters of waves. Waves are the elemental units of energy. Energy is manifest only as movement. There is no movement without time. Therefore energy is a mode of perceiving time; energy is time. (*1)

Hyperspace is three dimensions of time. Wave frequency defines the intervals of time, wave phase defines the instants of time, wave amplitude defines the span of time. Tripping through hyperspace is time-travel.

As units of energy, all measurements of time have electrical correspondents, a fact becoming recognized now that time has become a critical factor in microelectronic engineering. Frequency corresponds to electrical amperage. Resistance to the flow of energy is a function of phase differential, and voltage is the reciprocal of resistance; phase, therefore, corresponds to electrical voltage. Amplitude is the product of frequency and phase, so the third dimension of hyperspace corresponds to wattage. Electric currents are the essential time streams.

All distance in space and time represents an energy differential. The temporal difference is measured by voltage, the spacial distance is measured by amperage, the distance in scale is measured by wattage. A single electrical charge, therefore, defines every event in the hyperspacial universe.

The gods of myth are electrical engineers. The Ark of the Covenent is an electrical engine. Hyperspacial travel is implemented by tuning the electrical state of the starship. The compass of a starship is an atomic clock, the helm is variable resistor, the lighthouses are celestial clocks (e.g. the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge), the course is plotted by a volt-amp meter, and natural electrical currents flowing throughout the universe carry starships like jet streams through hyperspacial windows. Kronus, the Lord of Time is the Chief Electrical Inspector in charge of universal wiring, installing service, billing, and cutting off deadbeats.

The foundation is laid for a complete theory of time travel in terms of electrical engineering, explaining how Flying Saucers are engineered, constructed, piloted, and navigated. Those who have seen Flying Saucers will know that it is really happening the way you are reading it here.

1. Einstein stopped at the first step; the complete phrase is "space-time-mind (dis)continuum" of energy.

Space is tridimensional, time is tridimensional, and mind is tridimensional. Each of the temporal dimensions comprises three spacial dimensions, making time nine-dimensional. Each of the mental dimensions comprises three dimensions of time, past, present and future.

The author is right on so many levels that our goal is in the correct direction.

Blessings and thanks,
artist michaelm

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Kumaran wrote: 9/2/08 12:18 PM
* How much would it cost to develop your warp drive? Can you give me an estimate?
* Is your spacecraft a free energy spacecraft?
*Do you have a business plan for developing intergalactic spacecraft for space tourism? I like your concept very much. Have you shown your concept to any companies or billionaires who could help make it a reality. Your concept is very nice.

Response: Kumaran, thank you for your inquiries.

* How much would it cost to develop your warp drive? Can you give me an estimate? *

The cost will be X. Whenever I'm asked for a ball park figure, I usually respond with an analogy. Your asking me.. "How long is a string". I can answer that question once I know all the elements. In this case all the elements aren't yet visible. We must perform three experiments to begin to answer that question.

The first and least expensive of which will be the cost of a pulse laser laboratory over a period of say two weeks to a month. With a favorable result, we then proceed to the next experiment, quantifying the results of the first experiment. Add another month or two.

Once the results prove the predictions, then the next step is the most labor intensive and therefore the most expensive. At a cost of two to four million dollars, it could take from three to six months just preparing for the final experiment. We must perform and quantify the extra gravity. Once those results are in, we should have a good idea of how much and how long it'll take to create a prototype. I personally believe that it's possible to have a working model within twenty years.

The social introduction of this new form of travel is probably the most important expenditure. The idea that one can walk through a door in Los Angeles and instantly find yourself in Japan or one of the lunar colonies. It's quite probable the technology can deliver the long fabled flying car. Another form of revenue.

* Is your spacecraft a free energy spacecraft? *

We live in an inflationary universe. We seem to get more energy than we give back. The math though is pretty plain.. "There's no free lunch." So the math implies that there will be a day of reckoning and payback. But that day won't come until the end of time or the end of the universe.

The first engine will require a jump start. But once the engine is running, it draws energy from the interactions of gravitons with a sustained vortex. The engine first develops a warp field and then becomes a mini electrical-generating plant, supplying the energy needs of a small city for the cost of an easily transportable engine. Another form of revenue.

* Do you have a business plan for developing intergalactic spacecraft for space tourism? I like your concept very much. Have you shown your concept to any companies or billionaires who could help make it a reality. Your concept is very nice. *

Bless your heart and your kind words. No, my journey didn't include a business plan. After 30 years of preparation, I'm only now introducing the theory online. You are among the first to see the value of such a reality.

A project of this magnitude is outside of my expertise. The budget requires input from physicists and specialists from various fields over a period of time. And a bank of imaginative engineers, guided by the results from the previous experiments, who would then design the parts for this new engine. I would imagine we could save money by inviting academia to assist in the design and labeling of the various parts. The parts then must go through the testing phase.

Building a prototype could cost as much as an excursion to the moon. But the payback will be untold wealth, from the mining of near-earth asteroids to the Ort cloud. From the colonization of the inner-solar system to the eventual excursions into extra-galactic spaces.

Blessings and thanks,
artist michaelm
Warp Drive Engine
Graviton/Electro-magnetic Time/Space Warp Drive
based on the michaelmTheory "When Photons Collide"

I'm currently working on software that will provide us with the means to communicate in real time, world wide. With monthly newsletters and much more. Of course I'm running on a very short, no-shoe string budget and I thank you for your patience.
michaelm artist / philosopher

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