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World’s First Feasible
Hyper-Drive Engine
G/Em² Time/Space
Warp Drive X.O

based on michaelm
When Photons Collide at 90°
    Photons are intersecting all around us. Between the stars, through out the galaxy and the cosmos as a whole. Now, its reasonable to assume that a percentage of those photons meet in pairs, on paths of 90°. I see the accumulated effects of these Photon Interference (PI) events, in any given nanosecond, actually "tether" the stars and galaxies into one single Temporal Hyper Grid. We are about to learn how to access to this immense cosmic highway.     The effect of a single PI event creates such an incredible torque on the local lattice of the Einstein’s Space/Time continuum exposing Time/Space (the space of time). Instantly, eleven dimensional gravitons are attracted to and interact with the mini warp field. The Graviton Interaction Effect (GIE) creates a mini vortex of dark matter and dark energy fields. Both fields are 90° out of phase with each other, as is electricity and magnetism. Any matter that happens to be within the DM field (70 times the size of the vortex) is pulled into the vortex. And outside of the DE field (25 times the size of the vortex) is pushed aside or away.     The DM and DE fields are the signature of Graviton Interactions. The GI effect sets up events for vortex collapse and "repair" of the Space/Time Lattice (S/TL). An energy signature of vortex collapse is a Charged Electro-magnetic Plasma (CEmP) emanating at a 45° angle relative to the path of photon intersection. The "Temporal Wake" left by the pair’s departure, then divides the plasma into two. And both funnel into the temporal wakes, following just behind the photons, about seven inches into their journey. A photon travels about eleven inches in one nanosecond. The whole event happens within a nanosecond. Just behind the intersecting photons is another pair of photons that get caught up with the warp field and are lost in the vortex. The effect of which reduces the amount of light we receive from the universe approximately in half.

The Dynamic Duo Fields
    Two Dynamic Warp Fields are initiated within an Electro-magnetic Chamber or bubble, within a vacuum and temperatures near absolute zero. A 90° cone of light emanates from "Full Spectrum Pulse Laser Arrays" (FSPLA) mounted on the lips of three pairs, six (6), Magnetic Dishes. Each set of pulse lasers are aimed towards the center of the chamber, forming a 90° cone of light. The photons must first pass through a horizontally polarized lens (not illustrated), before passing though a "Synthetic Variable Density (SVD) Crystal or Diamond". Incrementally slowing down the photon speed from 1% at the edge, up to 50% towards the center of the crystal.     Pairs of photon collide at 90° with its partner 180° across the M Dish. When all six laser arrays are working in concert, they will generate a seven dimensional Graviton/Electro-magnetic (G/Em) Vortex. A sustained vortex generates a Dark Matter field, gravity, which then initiates a Dark Energy field, anti-gravity, 90° out of phase with the DM field. The DE field projects out or away in a linear fashion. Like cosmic rays leaving a star.
    A large vortex will produce weaker fields. Created when all dishes retract to the chamber walls. A smaller vortex is generated when the dishes are telescoped towards the center of the chamber which intensifies the DM and DE fields. A weak field allows a ship to "hover" horizontally within a gravitational well of say a planet.
    A sustained vortex also generates a positive and negative electro magnetic charge expressing itself in the form of a charged plasma stream. The charge is actually a mechanism for a vortex collapse. As long as the vortex exists, so does the "Electro-magnetic Charged Plasma Stream". The charge is attracted via the Plasma Rod and is then directed through a Charged Plasma Stream (CPS) Polarizer. The charged plasma is polarized into positive and negative fields and is then directed to the Em Lateral Tubes.
    The charged Em Plasma is channeled into lateral negative and positive channels called Em Lateral Tubes. Which in turn forms polar magnetic fields north and south inside and outside the G/Em Chamber. They serve to super cool the chamber’s interior. The "tamed" electrical energy is channeled into a series of commercial sized Electro-Storage (ES) Capacitors. Which supply the ship’s electrical power for on board electrical systems and instruments. The Magnetic Dishes "manipulate" the DM and DE fields with magnetically charged fields.
    To engage sub light or impulse speeds of up to 10% the speed of light, polarize the light horizontally (not Illustrated) and spin the magnetic dish closest to the desired direction, say forward... the bow, in a clockwise motion, always relative to the vortex point of view. The spinning magnetic field will have the effect of distorting and widening the space/time lattice in front of the bow. It has the shape of a four dimensional cone and creates an imbalance in the warp field bubble. The imbalance provides movement as the ship finds center. However, the distortion continues the imbalance so the ship "falls" towards, but never finding center.
     The journey continues until the spin of the M Dish and the ship will "coast" to a stop, relative to the environment. The rate of spin determines the size and also the depth of distortion and, therefore, the speed at which the ship falls through the distortion. "Braking", requires the opposite M Dish to spin, again in a clockwise motion relative to the vortex. The faster the spin, the harder the braking force.
    Any combination of M Dish spin speeds can be employed to attain roll, pitch and yah. The DM field can be controlled and manipulated with magnetism. A 1-G gravity fields maintained freeing the ship and crew from any centrifugal forces. The more intense the DM field, the higher the magnetic value must increase, to offset the increased gravity.
    Sub light Two or full impulse is attained by changing the polarization from horizontal to vertical, which increases the ship’s speed by a factor of 25% the speed of light. Top sub light speed is half the speed of light. To brake from these speeds the crew will progressively "down shift" polarized light, first vertical and then into horizontal, while spinning the dish or dishes opposite the direction of movement.
    Debris that may lay between the ship and her destination will appear to follow a path around the distorted space, from the perspective of the ship. From the debris perspective, nothing appears to have happened, it occupies the same space and continues on the same trajectory it held before the encounter.
    Super luminous travel requires a Temporal Intermix. All six M Dishes must spin in unison at equal spin rates of several times a second. Which increases the intensity of the DM and DE fields to hyper intensities. As one of the dishes closest to the desired direction spins faster by several tens of nano seconds, it will have the effect of super or hyper distortion of the fabrics of both Space/Time and Time/Space... the temporal space or three dimensions of time.

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michaelmTheory WarpDrive
michaelmTheory WarpDrive

The Graviton/Electro-magnetic Time/Space Warp Drive X.O
The world’s first feasible Hyper-Drive engine design
Based on michaelm’s theory of light "When Photons Collide"

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    This sketch of the G/Em warp drive engine is an extension of my theory of light, "When Photons Collide". The theory can be put to the test with four experiments. Once the postulation of PI events and the GI effect is proven to be true, we can then begin the discussion and open source development of the world’s first feasible Hyper-Drive Engine. I will soon initiate software which will allow those interested in participating, an online experience about developing warp drive technology which will eventually lead to an actual working prototype. I welcome your input. michaelm artist / philosopher

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Variable Density Crystal page
Variable Density Crystal
Full Spectrum Laser Array page
Pulse Laser Array
EM/Graviton Chamber page
Graviton/Em Chamber
EM/Graviton Vortex page
Graviton/Em Vortex
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    Each pulse laser has a trajectory of exactly 90° to that of it’s 180° partner, also matching it’s frequency or pitch. The Pulse Laser Full Spectrum Array (PLFSA) is then attached to the Magnetic Dish (M Dish) and each dish has an opposite partner. Photons must first pass through a Polarized Lens (PL not Illustrated) and through a Synthetic Variable Density (SVD) Crystal. As light passes though the various crystal densities it slows down the speed of light from 1% to as much as 50%. Both act as "throttle and gear shift", controlling intensity and polarization.     The center of the G/Em Chamber is reserved for the Graviton/Em Vortex. The size is controlled by the movement of the Magnetic Dishes, either towards the center, which in turn diminishes the size and increases the strength of both the Dark Matter and Dark Energy fields. Or away from the center, which in turn enlarges the vortex, therefore, diminishing the intensity of the surrounding fields. The Em Chamber, the Plasma Stream Polarizer (PSP) and the six spinning Pulse Laser Cones (PLC) prevent the G/Em Vortex from collapsing.

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Plasma Rod page
Plasma Rod
Plasma Polarizer page
Plasma Polarizer
Charged Electro-Magnetic Plasma page
Charged Em Plasma
Em Lateral Tubes page
Em Lateral Tubes
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    The G/Em Vortex is a complex of eleven dimensional graviton and Electromagnetic interactions in Space/Time. A Charged Em Plasma issues a stream at 45° to the Photon Interference Events, into the light cone interior. Nature is providing a path for vortex collapse, to "stop" the vacuum. But as long as the charged Em Plasma Stream is siphoned away from the G/Em Vortex, via the "Plasma Rod", the integrity of the G/Em Vortex can be maintained and controlled for years of interstellar journeys. Save for intermittent re-calibrations and replacement of parts, most of which can be performed en-route.     The Plasma Rod acts as a lightening rod. It "grounds" the Charged Em Plasma Stream and directs it through the Plasma Stream Polarizer (PSP). The charge is then polarized into positive and negative fields and sent through the "Em Lateral Tubes". Which has the effect of draining the intensity of charge by super cooling the interior of the G/Em Chamber. The electrical power is then directed into large commercial Em Capacitors for storage and distribution. Rows of Em Capacitors are lined up in a way that also serve as "Em Levees". Which aid in channeling the direction and strength of warp field distortions.

    As the G/Em Vortex expands crew members will first experience a sensation of weightlessness and as the DE field passes through. Then the DM Field moves in. When the vortex engages into hyper speeds, so does the intensity of both DM and DE Fields, exponentially. The DM Field expresses itself as gravity for everything within the field's range, 70 times the size of the G/Em Vortex, and occupies a space of up to 70 times the volume of the G/Em Chamber. So there appears to be a limitation on the size of the ship. Her ratio will always be proportional to the vortex volume. The Time/Space ship will travel through a series of tremendous arches around stellar gravitational fields.     25 times beyond the DM field is the DE Field (anti-gravity). The same force pushing galaxies apart at ever increasing speeds. As the intensity of the force field begins, a "lift" initiates for the ship within a gravity well. As the field intensifies the ship moves from a hover, to a "repels" away from a gravitational source. The higher the G Force, the faster the ship repels. A hyper path is connected through a seven dimensional lattice. Created by the paths of photons intersecting at 90° around the stars. The Time/Space ship will "whip" around and between stellar paths, accelerating and de-accelerating within and without the galactic plane. Rather like a primate swinging on vines through a rain forest.
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G/Em Time/Space Ship Floor Plans
A basic cutaway for both spherical and saucer shaped design
Based on the michaelm theory "When Photons Collide" & the m field photon warp drive

Time/Space Ship floor plan 1a
Time/Space Ship floor plan 1b
Time/Space Ship floor plan 1c
Time/Space Ship floor plan 1d
Time/Space Ship floor plan 1e

    The small circles lined in the shape of an X in the floor plan represent commercial sized Em Capacitors. Used for storage and distribution of electrical power. Also serve as Em Levees that help line and focus field distortions. Each level can be three or four stories tall. Two fields extend beyond the magnetic bubble. The DM field (gravity) envelopes the ship as a DM field surrounds any given galaxy. The DM Field (gravity) is 90° out of phase with the DE field (anti-gravity) and projects beyond the ship (just as the DE field lays between the galaxies).     I envision the first TIme/Space ships to be saucer shaped. Eventually the design will evolve into a spherical form. The crew will experience a gravitational force emanating from the center. We will soon learn to connect and sequence numerous magnetic chambers. In circular designs or lined up within cylinders or tubes. Which in turn will allow for the design of small to large city sized ships. The crew will be protected from interstellar debris and from the majority of cosmic rays. The DE Field acts as the fabled sci-fi "force field" which makes a ship impervious from harm.

     The Time/Space ship will navigate though seven spatial dimensions. Three-space, one-time and three-temporal spaces made of past, present and future. Navigation through Time/Space expresses past, present and future as depth, breadth and height. The deeper one travel into space the further back into time one must go to experience what one observed through the telescope before departure. If one wishes to experience a specific date then variables of Temporal Intermix will be employed.
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