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Warp Drive Engine
Graviton/Electro-magnetic Time/Space Warp Drive
based on the michaelmTheory "When Photons Collide"

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The time has come for an honest and serious online open source discussion of and participation in, overseeing the design of an actual warp drive engine. The ultimate goal of which is the development and production of an actual working prototype. All constructive questions and comments are welcome.

Here is my humble attempt at offering a point of reference so we may begin the discussion. The Graviton/Electro-magnetic Time/Space Warp Drive. I visualized this warp drive over 20 years ago while drawing an experimental 3-D Stereo/Subliminal Self-Portrait of Stephen Hawking.

I spent the next two decades on studying and visualizing photons in collision and eleventh dimensional gravitons, where they seem to be hiding. This vector based drawing is merely a statement of principles which must be met in order to initiate, contain and manipulate an electromagnetic graviton warp field. You will find links for pop-up close up and descriptions of the process.

This warp drive engine is based on the theory When Photons Collide. If the theory is correct we may see a working prototype within 20 years. If you have a constructive opinion, question, or would like to participate, please feel free to make first contact.

Here’s another warp drive design brought to my attention. A Nuclear Fusion Reactor, Energy and Space Propulsion: www.crossfirefusor.com The nuclear drive is of course more dangerous. However, it has a patent pending.

Orders are now being taken for the Garroway / Zakreski

Unified Field Theory; Implosive Vortex Dynamics
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